1 Mar 2023— 1 Jul 2023

Making Their Mark: Canberra's Excellence in Handmade Design

Making Their Mark: Canberra's Excellence in Handmade Design

As an extension of CMAG's exhibition Canberra/Kamberri, Place & People, these design objects from our collection are made by some of the regions’ best-known makers - demonstrating that Canberra as a designed city has itself evolved into a city of design.

Represented in Making Their Mark: Canberra's Excellence in Handmade Design are some of the first generation of skilled practitioners who were instrumental in the establishment and development of design education, studios and businesses in the region from the late 1970s. They have been followed by a second generation who continue to bring innovative approaches to their making and materiality.

Johannes Kuhnen, Hiroe Swen and the late Klaus Moje brought their diverse international training and experience to help shape Canberra School of Art in its formative years, playing leading roles respectively in the Gold and Silversmithing, Ceramics, and Glass workshops.

Scott Chaseling is currently a PhD candidate at the School of Art and Ruth Oliphant, Marie Hagerty and Ian Jones are all alumni. The late Robert Foster also trained at the university and founded the highly successful design and manafacturing company F!NK & Co. in 1993, which continues to nurture local design talent from their workshop in Queanbeyan under the leadership of Gretel Harrison.

Image: Johannes Kuhnen, Vessel, 2009, anodised aluminium, titanium, stainless steel, CMAG Collection