Canberra/Kamberri, Place & People

Canberra/Kamberri,  Place & People

Discover the story of Canberra as the place where nationhood found a home – the people, places and history that make up this city and region.

Canberra is a young city on an ancient continent. This place, selected to be Australia’s National Capital in 1909, has a much older history but it is also one that continues to evolve to embrace new narratives of belonging and expressions of identity through its communities and places - past and present 

Journey through these changes in this new major exhibition drawn from Canberra Museum and Gallery’s collection. Find the stories of the people who have always been on this country and those who have come to make their lives here through objects, artworks and moving images 

Curated by Virginia Rigney and Dr Hannah Paddon. Moving Image curated by Shane Breynard and presented with the support of the National Film and Sound Archive. 

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