Lois Hicks collection

The Lois Hicks collection is a collection of objects relating to early childhood and ‘making do’ in Canberra in the late 1920s/early 1930s and again in the early 1960s.

Lady Lois Hicks was an active participant in the early years of Canberra. She was a Girl Guide, a member of cricket and hockey teams and attended Ainslie Primary School and Canberra High School before nursing at the Canberra Community Hospital. The collection is contextualised through photographs of the donor’s family life in Canberra which have been reproduced by CMAG.

<span>Wife & Home</span>greeting card circa 1929<span></span>Baby's Record Book 10860<span></span>Telegram c 1929<span></span>Telegram c 1929<span>Wife & Home</span>greeting card circa 1929<span></span>Baby booties circa 1929<span></span>Baby bonnet circa 1929<span></span>Baby dress circa 1929<span>Norman Swindon</span>High chair circa 1960<span>Norman Swindon</span>Child's commode circa 1960