Number plate

1998, Powder coated aluminium, blue letters on white background.

Feel the Power of Canberra' number plate. Blue letters on white ground powder coated aluminium 'ACT # YAB 76M Feel the Power of Canberra' Reverse: bare metal printed with following across top '080498 1213HB CP 68OF 01-4 8124B 4-9 7014'

The original ACT ‘Y’ plates were introduced in 1968 (format YAA 001). In November 1995 the Government invited the public to suggest a new format and slogan. The only significant response was to retain the ‘Y’ in a new plate format (41%). In July 1997 the Government decided on a new ‘Y’ format i.e. YAA 01A, replacing the last number with a letter, a slogan was not included at that time. In April 1998, just prior to the old ‘Y’ series being exhausted, the Government decided that the new ‘Y’ plates would have ‘Feel the Power of Canberra’ as the standard slogan. There was immediate negative reaction by the press and public to the slogan. The campaign slogan was unpopular with Canberrans, a poll reported in City News of June/July 1998 showed 87% were not in favour of the Feel the Power of Canberra slogan. New car registration customers were then given the option of a ‘Y’ plate with no slogan. By June 1998 only 14.5% of applicants for new registrations were opting for the ‘Feel the Power of Canberra’ slogan on their numberplate.

A poll of six slogans in July 1998 suggested the most preferred slogan was Canberra – The Nation’s Capital. In September 1998 applicants were given the choice of two slogans: Canberra – The Nation’s Capital or Canberra – Heart of the Nation. The slogan ‘Feel the Power of Canberra’ is still available for ACT registration, but according to David Curry (Policy Officer with Road Transport DUS) there are very few takers.


133 x 370 x 4mm

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