22 May 2021—27 Nov 2021

The Piano Creatures: A Ragged Shore

The Piano Creatures: A Ragged Shore

The whimsical concept behind the imaginary microcosm presented within the glass walls of CMAG on the Square is that these creatures have, over time, evolved from discarded musical instruments. Each piano creature is different, but big or small they share the common feature of incorporating piano parts in their composition. Thinking about the relationship between three-dimensional form, movement and ideas is central to the practice of Canberra based sculptor and puppet-maker Hilary Talbot. The creatures are sometimes awkward or uncertain, but their very existence, though ragged, carries the promise of remaking both music and hope.

CMAG on the Square is supported by John Hindmarsh AM.

Hilary Talbot, Piano Creatures, 2010
Photo by Anna Madeleine Rapauch


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