14 Dec 2019—28 Mar 2020

Growing Up Optional

Growing Up Optional

Anneka Losik describes her collection as a ‘mishmash of things that she loves’ and what she loves is everything pop culture. From LEGO to board games, figurines to soft toys, pop vinyl and brickheadz, her collection features brand-new and vintage items. Most importantly, Anneka believes that (almost) everything should be played with and enjoyed now. Growing Up Optional is the best way to nerd out, reminisce and admire a quirky collection of collectables that can be enjoyed and admired at any age.

Amassed over 20 years, Anneka has collected items from the world of books, movies, TV shows, comics and games. This collection reflects her personal enthusiasm, some would call it fandom, for everything fantasy, sci-fi and adventure related. Growing up in Canberra watching cartoons like Bananaman and Captain Planet, Anneka’s love for pop culture and collecting things started from a young age. She bought comics about Asterix and Obelisk and Tintin and Snowy and played Commander Keen, Crystal Caves and Kings Quest given any spare moments.

Anneka scours comic shops, game stores, toy shops and the internet to find new items for her collection. She sometimes even enlists the help of friends and family if stores in Canberra have sold out of an item. Unlike most collectors of pop culture, Anneka’s collection doesn’t live in boxes. They are on shelves to be admired and played with. Her rule for her nieces is that if the toys are on a shelf you can reach, you can play with it. Her motto is ‘Love the stuff that you love, LOUDLY.’

Growing Up Optional, on display at CMAG, from Sat 14 December 2019
Photo: RLDI Photography