13 Jun 2020— 3 Oct 2020

Ngaio Fitzpatrick - Dissonance

Ngaio Fitzpatrick - Dissonance

We live in a time of disruption, distraction and instability; what was once certain no longer is. ‘Dissonance’ refers to the fracture between the desire to forget and the physical reality of climate change. We are able to acknowledge that contemporary consumerism hastens global warming but find it difficult to take the immediate action to change this, creating a sense of unease and veiling of self-deception. Ngaio Fitzpatrick’s Dissonance is an installation of video, glass, sound and light to heighten perception, question the status quo and a call to action.

Industrial glass is ubiquitous and surrounds us in all aspects of urban life, yet is prone to the phenomenon of spontaneous failure, unseen, unheard and with catastrophic consequences. The precarious human relationship with the natural environment is under threat, the toughened yet fragile glass membrane protecting us from powerful forces of nature does not protect the natural environment from the force of humanity.

We need to find our voice and call out the lack of action by our politicians, the window of time is closing.

Project supported by artsACT.

CMAG on the Square is supported by John Hindmarsh AM.

courtesy of Ngaio Fitzpatrick


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