23 Jan 2021—15 May 2021

Anna Madeleine Raupach: Unequal hours

Anna Madeleine Raupach: Unequal hours

Through reference to the theme of temporality in both local systems and global phenomena - from the Canberra light rail schedule to eclipse cycles - Unequal hours appeals to our community on multiple levels. This kinetic installation abstracts the notion of time by using altered clocks to physically represent multiple different timescales. By placing standard mechanisms of timekeeping in dialogue with rhythms related to universal natural phenomena, it aims to realign our technology-driven sense of time with natural cycles. The installation creates a compelling display that constantly re-forms as it changes over time.

The work is complemented by a website providing further information about the intriguing entanglement of time scales that it represents. Visit the website at www.unequalhours.com

CMAG On The Square is supported by John Hindmarsh AM.

Image credit: RLDI


Visual Art