12 Apr 2016—23 Apr 2016

CTC PERFORMANCE: Blood Links by William Yang

 CTC PERFORMANCE: Blood Links by William Yang

Blood Links tells us stories about the Chinese Diaspora, how Chinese migrants put down roots in Australian soil, and how over the generations, through intermarriage, blood is mixed - yet the intricate bonds of family tie people together. Join us as celebrated artist William Yang shares his personal journey through spoken word, film and photographs.

Blood Links by William Yang, produced and toured by Performing Lines

Price, bookings and payments via Canberra Ticketing 6275 2700 or www.canberratheatrecentre.com.au, at the Canberra Theatre Centre, The Courtyard Studio.

William Yang
Breathing the rarefied air of Canberra (detail) 2007 inkjet print
Canberra Museum and Gallery 2008.8